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Knotted necks? Not a problem. Soothing muscle aches? Mastered it. You’re the one who knows what clients need to keep their bodies working. But when was the last time someone asked what YOU need? Massage Envy franchised locations* provide a consistent clientele, all the supplies you need, a safe and therapeutic environment, and freedom from the marketing and administrative work that comes from running your own business. And that’s just the beginning of how you’ll be empowered to do more of what you love.

Benefits You'll Love:


    If your body doesn’t work, you can’t work on bodies. And when massage is your calling, you don’t want anything to put it on hold. We’ve got a self-care program to help you keep your body working and mental wellness resources to help you keep your mind as strong as your hands.

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    As a massage therapist, your learning continues long after graduation day. Take advantage of a rotating library of free continuing education and training to satisfy your thirst for knowledge without wringing out your bank account.

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    Your hands (and arms and elbows) are your most important tools, but they don’t have to be the only tools in the treatment room. From new services like Total Body Stretch to exciting enhancements like Rapid Tension Relief and CyME™ Boosts, you’ve got more ways than ever to keep bodies working.


    There is no Massage Envy without massage therapists,and we’re all in on celebrating all that you do. That’s why the Massage Envy Therapist of the Year award program was created.

Massage Therapist Jobs in Boston

  1. Boston, MA Boston North-West End Regular Part-Time Job ID: 2019-74807
  2. Boston, MA Boston North-West End Regular Full-Time Job ID: 2019-74806
  3. Dedham, MA Dedham Regular Part-Time Job ID: 2019-73775
  4. Dedham, MA Dedham Regular Full-Time Job ID: 2019-73774
  5. Framingham, MA Framingham-Natick Regular Full-Time Job ID: 2019-71061
  6. Framingham, MA Framingham-Natick Regular Part-Time Job ID: 2019-71060
  7. Hyannis, MA Hyannis Regular Full-Time Job ID: 2019-73666
  8. Hyannis, MA Hyannis Regular Part-Time Job ID: 2019-73665
  9. Mashpee, MA Mashpee Commons Regular Part-Time Job ID: 2019-73672
  10. Mashpee, MA Mashpee Commons Regular Full-Time Job ID: 2019-73670
  11. Newton, MA Needham Street Regular Full-Time Job ID: 2019-73768
  12. Newton, MA Needham Street Regular Part-Time Job ID: 2019-73769
  13. North Billerica, MA Billerica Regular Part-Time Job ID: 2019-75053
  14. North Billerica, MA Billerica Regular Full-Time Job ID: 2019-75051
  15. Norwell, MA Norwell Regular Full-Time Job ID: 2019-73080
  16. Norwell, MA Norwell Regular Part-Time Job ID: 2019-73075
  17. Seabrook, NH Seabrook Regular Part-Time Job ID: 2019-74420
  18. Seabrook, NH Seabrook Regular Full-Time Job ID: 2019-74419
  19. Walpole, MA Walpole Regular Part-Time Job ID: 2019-75125
  20. Walpole, MA Walpole Regular Full-Time Job ID: 2019-75124
  21. Waltham, MA Waltham Regular Part-Time Job ID: 2019-75365
  22. Waltham, MA Waltham Regular Full-Time Job ID: 2019-75363
  23. Westborough, MA Westborough Regular Part-Time Job ID: 2019-71058
  24. Westborough, MA Westborough Regular Full-Time Job ID: 2019-71873

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